Building bridges between humans and software

HintEd Digital Adoption Platforms streamlines your users' digital experience and helps to overcome the digital skills gap

Digital adoption means a state within a company where all of its digital assets and platforms are being used to their fullest extent.
According to, a digital adoption platform (DAP) is a software layer integrated on top of another software application or website to guide users through tasks and functions. Digital adoption platforms aim to help new users quickly learn how to interact with a website or application or assist returning users in learning newly added functionality. This improves onboarding for new users and drives the adoption of new features that may otherwise go ignored.
Digital Adoption Platforms offer a tool for creating training and onboarding scenarios for web applications with no coding or design skills required.
The on-screen tutorials provided by DAP guide users through every step of the task they are trying to perform.
HintEd Digital Adoption Platform provides instant creation of interactive guides not only for web but also for Windows applications as well as commonly offered features like user behavior analytics, trigger-based scenarios, and much more.
Not just a plugin but a key success factor for your company
HintEd Digital Adoption Platform streamlines complex business processes inside IT platforms helping employees to speed up tasks completion.
Mastering something new is never easy. Make you users comfortable with new features and product updates using change management features by HintEd DAP. Make your software friendlier.
Traditional software training methods are not effective today. Out-of-date user handbooks and last-year-updated screencasts never help to achieve great results. With HintEd you can instantly update training content and provide on-demand help with relevant information.
Digital Adoption is the most important step towards becoming modern and innovative company, implementing business automation and building successful employee and customer success strategies.