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Forget about user manuals and face-to-face trainings

Make employees onbarding and enterprise software adoption 2 times faster! 

HintEd is Digital Adoption Solution

Digital Adoption Solutions is a new technology allowing to speed up Digital transformation.

With HintEd a company can easily integrate interactive hints and popups into any web-based software without coding and complex integrations, providing smooth step-by-step onboarding for new users or instant help for existing users when they need it.

HintEd mission 

  • Provide rapid and through onboarding for employees using digital tools
  • Replace huge and useless user manuals with interactive help inside the software
  • Provide interactive help to users across the task they trying to perform

HintEd is safe

Our hints are a separate layer above the target system and we don’t interact with clients’ data

We use CSS-selectors and our proprietary algorithms to identify an element for the hint

No data is collected from your apps: our statistics platform analyses only HintEd scenarios usage 

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