Powerful features for creating a stunning experience for your users

HintEd is an enterprise-class Digital Adoption Platform for creating on-screen interactive guides and automating user support

Product features

In-application step-by-step guides

HintEd creates a separate training and support layer above web and desktop applications. Our interactive step-by-step guides provide users with real-time help across their business tasks software environment.
• Context-aware help
• Self-paced training
• Trigger-based or on-demand assistance

Easy content development

Create and update HintEd flows with just a few clicks. Our no-code editor allows you to create on-screen guides by selecting different elements inside applications or by simply recording all steps.
• Add text, videos, gifs, links, emojis and much more
• Create workflows automatically
• No-code!

Interactive help center

Our help widget allows users to launch on-screen guides whenever they need assistance or training. This creates a terrific performance support experience for users across all your enterprise platforms.
• Virtual assistance
• Context-aware help
• Self-support for users

Not only step-by-step guides

With HintEd, you can easily create smart tooltips when there's no need to guide the user through the process. Use tooltips to deliver useful information about software elements, explain terminology and much more.
• No-code!
• Turn them on and off when needed
• Share knowledge within your software

Dashboard for all your workflows

Analyze how users interact with on-screen guides to optimize onboarding with HintEd flows to give the best first-time experience to users.
• Track workflow statistics
• Analyze bottlenecks
• Manage users and teams

On-screen guides for Windows applications

Many companies still use desktop platforms and Windows applications. HintEd can deal with it.
HintEd Desktop allows you to create a digital adoption layer above the Windows app, just like for web-based platforms. This helps companies to implement a single interactive training strategy across all enterprise software.
• Still, no-code!
• No integration required
• Works with Windows 7 and higher
Accelerate your digital adoption with HintEd