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Let your employees focus on completing their tasks with the help of HintEd on-screen guides.
Reduce training efforts and get the most of your software investments.

Top companies use HintEd to cut their training and onboarding costs and maximize software usage efficiency
Key benefits
50% decrease in training costs
40% decrease in support tickets
5x faster training content development
40% decrease in user mistakes
3x faster employee and customer onboarding
2x faster task completion
HintEd creates a special training and support layer in web or Windows applications
Instant training and support without reading handbooks or face-to-face training. Step-by-step guides and tooltips embedded in the user interface
Absolutely no coding or design skills required for creating HintEd on-screen guides
Integrates with ANY Software
Interactive on-demand assistance
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1,000,000 +
Enterprise users have mastered their software using HintEd
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