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Create a stunning onboarding experience with HintEd Digital Adoption Platform

Streamline and automate user onboarding

How HintEd can help your customers explore all values of your digital products
Speed up feature adoption
Increase website conversion
Create a self-support experience
Improve LTV and retention

Boost customer onboarding

Show in-application interactive guides based on user behavior.

Set up triggers to launch HintEd flows for different segments and events. Let your users discover all features right after sign-up.
Show all your features instantly
HintEd in-application guides deliver real-time training and support for customers so they won't leave your product to search out knowledge bases and user guides.
Don't let your users leave

Explore user behaviour

Analyze user interaction with on-screen guides to optimize onboarding and with HintEd flows to give the best first-time experience to users.
Statistics dashboard
Track flow completion time, step-to-step conversions, scenario interruptions, and much more. Analyze bottlenecks and shortcuts in your UX.
All data in one place
With HintEd, we were able to create onboarding for our platform with just a few clicks! It's super easy to set up and manage. We've cut our technical support costs in half!"
Ivan Bortnikov, COO and co-founder at YouTravel.me
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