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With HintEd interactive on-screen guides, your employees receive real-time training and support inside their enterprise platforms and can focus on completing their tasks.

Provide your employees with a tool for instant software training and support

HintEd can help your company to avoid
Face-to-face training
Outdated training materials
Forgetting curve
Digital skills gap

Boost employee productivity

HintEd is a separate training and support layer above your web and desktop applications. Our interactive step-by-step guides provide users with real-time instant help to successfully complete business tasks.
Implement workplace-based training
HintEd allows every user to become a power user, regardles of digital skill level. No need to waste time on training sessions and studying user handbooks.
Eliminate on-site training and user handbooks

The right help at the right time

Our help widget allows users to launch on-screen guides whenever they need assistance or training. This creates a terrific performance support experience for users across all of your enterprise platforms.
Interactive help center
HintEd guides can be launched automatically based on a user's behavior triggers or can be placed in the on-demand help widget.
Trigger-based scenarios
Key benefits for companies
5 times
2 times
faster training guide development
fewer support tickets
4 times
faster employee training and onboarding
1,000,000 +
Enterprise users have mastered their software using HintEd
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