Boost Your Team's Performance with Software Adoption

Empower your team to excel with HintEd’s user-friendly on-screen guides. Minimize your reliance on extensive training, enhance productivity, and make the most of your software investments.

Making Digital Adoption Easier and More Effective

Did you know 73% of enterprises fail to sustain returns on their digital investments due to insufficient user adoption of digital tools? HintEd is here to change that narrative. Our platform, complete with interactive on-screen guides and software simulators, doesn’t just augment your software implementation efforts – it significantly curbs the need for time-consuming software training.

Leading companies trust HintEd to decrease their training and onboarding expenses while maximizing software usage efficiency.

Unlock the Potential of Your Team with HintEd's Comprehensive Toolset


Our platform assists in transforming complex software into user-friendly tools with custom, easy-to-follow on-screen guidance


Turbocharge workforce productivity across an array of departments and systems.


Utilize data-driven decisions with our analytics dashboard to amplify your training and onboarding processes


Analyze your software adoption rates and make informed business decisions.

Maximize Your Software Investment Returns



In user support tickets and budget



Employee training and onboarding with HintEd Guidance



In training content creation using HintEd visual editor



In workforce productivity and task completion

Bring your automation to the moon

The Essence of Digital Adoption

In the face of ongoing digital transformation, businesses have to navigate through a multitude of technologies aimed at propelling specific business results and elevating their key metrics.

But it is more difficult than ever for CIOs and other leaders within an organization to know how software applications are being used, and whether they are extracting value from those investments.

HintEd is here to simplify that.

Seamless Integration with Your Tech Stack

No matter your tech stack, we've got you covered!

On an average day, an employee interacts with more than ten digital tools. HintEd’s interactive guides blend effortlessly with both web and Windows applications, smoothing out business processes. Our services are compatible with all major enterprise platforms and in-house software.

3 simple steps to start your digital adoption journey

With HintEd, crafting and deploying interactive guides for any software becomes a breeze.

Install HintEd Editor

Create and update HintEd flows with just a few clicks. Our no-code editor allows you to create on-screen guides just by recording your usual process.

Automate your flows

Launch trigger-based walkthroughs or create on-demand assistance to make sure your users get instant support in the moment of need.

Deploy instantly

No integration necessary - but when it is, we are ready to accommodate any major enterprise platform, complete with SSO, LDAP, Active Directory, and more.

Analyze and iterate – analyze workflows, pinpoint bottlenecks, gather insights, receive feedback, and create reusable content to refine your digital adoption journey.

Get Insights

Use HintEd DAP's inbuilt statistics to see how your team members progress through their adoption journey.

Receive feedback

Use surveys to analyze the weak points in your software — let your team tell you where they need help the most.

Re-use content

Use the new Simulation feature to seamlessly create PDF's and LMS files — right in the HintEd Editor Extension.

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