Powerful features for creating a stunning experience for your users

HintEd is an enterprise-class Digital Adoption Platform that simplifies software use for everyone through immersive, on-screen interactive guides and automated user support.

In-application step-by-step guides

HintEd imbues web and desktop applications with a layer of real-time assistance. Interactive, context-aware guides support users through various software tasks, boosting confidence and productivity.

  • Context-aware help where you need it
  • Self-paced training for comfortable learning
  • Trigger-based or on-demand assistance, making support seamless

No Coding Needed

With just a few clicks, create and update on-screen guides using our intuitive, no-code editor. Simplify guide creation by choosing different elements within applications or recording steps.

  • Integrate rich media including videos, GIFs and links
  • Automate workflow creation for efficiency
  • Hassle-free, no coding experience needed!

Interactive help center

Our help widget offers on-demand, context-aware assistance, fostering a superior user experience across all your enterprise platforms. We believe in empowering users to help themselves and create a more engaged, productive workforce.

  • On-demand virtual assistance
  • Context-aware help
  • Self-support capabilities

Beyond Step-by-Step Guides

HintEd extends beyond guide creation. Develop smart tooltips to deliver useful, real-time information about software elements, clarify jargon, and more.

  • Share knowledge within your software
  • Enable or disable tooltips as per need
  • Still no coding required!

Comprehensive Dashboard for Effective Workflow Management

Our intuitive dashboard lets you monitor user interactions, pinpoint bottlenecks, and manage teams effectively. Gain valuable insights to optimize onboarding and offer superior first-time user experiences.

  • Track workflow statistics in real-time
  • Identify and address bottlenecks swiftly
  • Manage users and teams efficiently

No Software Left Behind

HintEd doesn’t forget about desktop platforms and Windows applications critical to many companies. We offer a digital adoption layer for Windows apps, just like for web platforms, ensuring comprehensive training across all enterprise software.

  • Works with Windows 7 and higher
  • No integration required
  • And yes, it’s still no-code!

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