Our vision

At HintEd, we revolutionize how individuals receive training and support for enterprise software. Our goal is to help companies replace outdated user manuals, offline training, and screencasts with an intuitive, interactive experience.

With HintEd, employees can quickly acquire the skills they need and begin contributing value to your organization. Our platform simplifies the operation of any enterprise software, reducing complexity, and enhancing productivity. HintEd doesn’t just offer a new approach to software adoption—it offers a smarter, more efficient way to work.

The idea for HintEd came about when I was working as a business analyst and business developer in Major IT companies like Luxoft, EPAM, and Microsoft.

I spent hours and hours writing user manuals and trying to teach users to use the digital tools implemented by those companies. Those manuals were useless because people simply will not read them.

So, essentially, I observed companies waste time and money on handbooks, software simulators, and other documentation. As a result, enterprise users can’t consistently get their work done without assistance.

HintEd is a rapidly expanding IT company with a global footprint and a diverse team located across five regions worldwide. We take pride in serving an extensive clientele, including many of the leading enterprises in Eastern Europe.

As pioneers of Digital Adoption Platforms in Eastern Europe, we’re transforming the way businesses navigate their digital landscapes. Our intuitive, step-by-step on-screen guides drastically cut down training and onboarding times and significantly reduce technical support costs. But we’re not just about software adoption—we’re about empowering teams to work more efficiently and make the most out of their software investments.

HintEd Founders

Artem Taganov, Sergei Iartsev

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Artem Taganov

HintEd CEO