Building bridges between humans and software

HintEd Digital Adoption Platform enhances your users’ digital experience and addresses the digital skills gap.

Digital adoption is the process by which an organization fully utilizes its digital assets and platforms to maximize efficiency and productivity

As noted by, a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a software layer designed to seamlessly integrate with existing software applications or websites, providing users with guidance throughout various tasks and functions. These platforms facilitate user interactions, helping new users grasp the functionality of a website or application quickly while assisting returning users in understanding new features. This leads to a smoother onboarding process and encourages the use of new features that may otherwise be overlooked.

Digital Adoption Platform

HintEd DAP offers a no-code tool for creating training and onboarding scenarios for web applications.

Our on-screen tutorials guide users through every step of their task, simplifying the learning process. Furthermore, HintEd allows for the instant creation of interactive guides, not only for web but also for Windows applications. Our platform also offers popular features such as user behavior analytics and trigger-based scenarios, among others.

HintEd is not just another add-on; it's a critical factor in your company's success.

By simplifying complex business processes within IT platforms, HintEd accelerates task completion for your employees.

Traditional software training methods fall short in today's fast-paced digital world. With HintEd, you can immediately update training content with accurate and relevant information, making the outdated user handbooks and screencasts a thing of the past.

Learning new systems is always a challenge. Make your users comfortable with new features and product updates using the change management features of HintEd DAP. Our goal is to make your software more approachable and intuitive.

Digital Adoption is a crucial step towards becoming a contemporary, innovative company. It's key to enabling business automation and constructing successful strategies for both employee and customer success. With HintEd, you are primed to embark on this journey of digital transformation.