Get the best pricing for your unique case

HintEd is an optimal solution for medium to large businesses, typically starting from 300 employees and upwards. We understand that each customer’s needs and goals for a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) can greatly vary, influenced by factors such as industry focus, company size, and more. Therefore, we provide personalized pricing that’s tailored to your specific use case, the number of employees, and the extent of systems that HintEd will be integrated with. This flexible approach ensures that you only pay for the services you require.

For SMEs

Our pricing is based on

Number of systems covered by HintEd
Employee (users) count

For Enterprises

Training, onboarding, support, and analytics for large-scale business, multiple systems, and tough IT security policies

Free Smart Manuals Tool

Start your digital adoption journey with our free tool! Create interactive user manuals in seconds using screenshots

Unlike our flagship product, HintEd Smart Manuals focuses on creating interactive user guides with screenshots rather than fully-functional guided flows within your software

Not at all. We understand that certain enterprises have strict security guidelines and may prefer an on-premises solution. Rest assured, we accommodate this need. Our team is ready to assist with installation; simply allocate some internal network space for our system.

Absolutely not! HintEd has been designed with simplicity in mind. The entire installation process can be completed in just one hour!

Not at all! With HintEd’s comprehensive Desktop solution, you can effortlessly create intuitive in-application guides for Windows applications, starting from Windows 7 and upwards.

Absolutely not. HintEd operates as an overlay above your application, ensuring a seamless integration without any disruptions or modifications to your existing software. It’s designed to make your software experience smoother, not more complicated.

Not at all. We prioritize security above all. HintEd doesn’t extract data from the systems we integrate with. For organizations with strict security regulations, we offer a secure, on-premises solution that can be installed within your internal network. Furthermore, we adhere to all GDPR regulations, ensuring the protection of your data.

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