Get the best pricing for your unique case

HintEd works best for medium and big companies starting from 300 employees and higher. We've realized that depending on industry focus, size, and other factors every customer has its own goals and needs for DAP. That's why we offer custom pricing based on your use case, employee count, and the number of systems covered by HintEd.

Unlimited HintEd flows
For small and medium companies
For Enterprises
Unlimited steps and tooltips
Setup and integration
Cloud installation
Web and desktop applications support
Our pricing is based on
Number of systems covered by HintEd
Employee (users) count
Training, onboarding, support, and analytics for large-scale business, multiple systems, and tough IT security policies
Cloud or on-premises installation of HintEd
SLA and dedicated support manager
Custom features and integrations
Enterprise-grade security
HintEd is cloud-only service?
No. For Enterprises with tough security policies we also have on-premises solution. We'll help you with installation, just allocate some back-end inside your corporate network for us.
HintEd on-premises installation seems to be a rocket-science
No way! HintEd can be installed just in 1 hour!
Do you allow creating on-screen guides for web applications only?
With HintEd Desktop solution you can also create in-application guides for applications fro Windows 7 and above.
Does HintEd somehow affect the underlying software?
Hinted is actually the top layer above the application. We try not to make deep and complex integration, so we do not affect the software we work with.
What about IT security?
We're not pulling any data from the systems we work in. But for companies with stringent security requirements, we also make a box solution that can be deployed inside your secure network. And we're GDPR-compliant, by the way.